Gain operational flexibility
with trailers on-demand.

Offer or find one-way rentals for semi-trailers with just a few clicks!

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Rent semi-trailers that otherwise remain idle or are moved empty.

Grow your Business

Rent out your available semi-trailers today and let others move them to your desired destination.

Gain Flexibility

Gain flexibility to adjust fleet size in the short term. Minimize off-hire percentages, adapting to seasonal demands.

Lower empty cost

Reduce avoidable costs associated with empty repositioning between depots. Optimize fleet logistics, enhancing overall operational efficiency

Streamline Administrative

Alleviate the high administrative burden and counterparty risks. Make spot business more attractive and operationally efficient.

Reduce your CO2e Emissions

Mitigate the impact of unnecessary empty legs - reducing your carbon footprint up to 5%.

Quality Digital

Improve lead quality to ease the burden on your sales force. Enhance the efficiency of your sales operations

You are in control - Make leasing easy and affordable.

Full Support for Trailers Rentals

All Transport companies can benefit - from Trucking and Leasing businesses to Ferry and Rail operators as well as 4PLs.

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Negotiate and Book On Your Terms

Negotiate & Book

Review detailed trailer information, including photos, and set key terms like price, insurance, and trailer values as you negotiate directly with your counterpart.

  • Use a live chat to discuss all relevant details with your partner
  • Easily stay on top of updates to contract details
  • It’s a deal! Once both parties agree on terms, you are good to go
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Streamline Management and Monitoring

Monitor & Manage

Eliminate the need for time-consuming follow-ups thanks to automatic notifications for important actions. Easily keep track of documentation, manage bookings, and access your rental history on your live dashboard.

  • Instantly access each deal to see info, chat and locations.
  • Assign your units, update details and terms via chat and email.
  • Process pickup and dropoff directly on the platform.
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Simplify Payment Handling.

Review & Pay

Say goodbye to manual per-day cost accounting! Leverage our digital wallet to automate payment handling with 24/7 visibility on spends. Benefit from our neutral intermediary role during exception management to speed up dispute resolution.

  • Once final, Trailer Exchange generates invoices and makes payment easy
  • Check your earnings and savings in our digital wallet
  • Payout is always just only one click away

Take their word for it

In more than 25 European countries, fleet manager, traffic managers, planners and operations directors exchange trailers to boost their business.

Testimonial 01
— There comes a point where money takes over and competition concerns are eliminated by the win-win. With one-ways we decrease empty costs.
Jackie - Planner
Testimonial 02
— Our hauliers sometimes request trailers from us for their trip home. We avoid costs due to the mobility package and the driver can find a load that pays him.
Testimonial 03
— The weather is what drives our volume. We can get rented trailers on shorter terms which works better and more cost affected for us.

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